2017 Annual Meeting

of the Decision Sciences Institute

Marketing and Social Media

Marketing and Social Media – The Marketing and Social Media track focuses  on research related to drawing attention to new products or services in order to gain new customers while retaining current customers, thereby increasing sales and creating a sustainable competitive advantage.  Marketing strategy has to do with an organized and systematic approach to marketing based on decision models, data analysis, and quantitative tools.  Key areas of interest within this track include (but are not limited to): 

  • Models and processes for effective scanning of internal and external environments
  • Creative marketing strategies that lead to sustainable competitive advantages
  • Big Data analysis techniques that create real customer insights and predict behavior
  • Segmenting and profiling target groups in a fragmenting marketplace
  • Calculating customer lifetime value in an environment of decreasing brand loyalty
  • Measuring marketing performance with new digital tools and techniques
  • Determining the real ROI of social media and other digital channels
  • Assessing the role of traditional media with the Millennial generation
  • New product development in a market filled with parity products
  • Managing pricing and bundling schemes across online and offline channels
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