2017 Annual Meeting

of the Decision Sciences Institute

Managing Risk in Supply Chains

The Managing Risk in Supply Chains track focuses on the use of risk management strategies and practices to deal with problems associated with supply chains in uncertain business environments. The track also covers areas related to supply chain disruptions management. The increasingly complex global supply chains have brought troubles such as product quality, lack of visibility in supplier reliability, uncertainties associated with rapid change in market demand and technology, frequent natural disasters and terrorism attacks, etc., to firms across industries. At the same time, the globalization of economies appears to be unstoppable, continuing to expand the spectrum of risks that supply chains have to bear. As a result, well-developed integrative risk management approaches are becoming much more relevant. The goal of this track is to circulate high quality and relevant research on managing risk in complex supply chains. We welcome both theoretical and applied research. Groundbreaking and boundary expanding ideas are particularly welcomed.  Key areas of interest within this track include (but are not limited to):

  • Algorithms, approaches, and strategies for risk analytics
  • Characterization and metrics of risk management in complex systems
  • Managing disruptions in supply chains
  • Interdisciplinary risk management technologies and issues
  • Financial models for risk management
  • Risk management for systems-of-systems
  • Social networks for risk-based decision making
  • Supply chain security issues
  • Risk analysis and management in green manufacturing
  • Operations strategies to deal with overall economic risk (recessions or recoveries)
  • Risks and benefits of operating in emerging markets
  • Risk assessment and operational approaches to manage risk in global supply chains
  • Decision models with supply side quality and/or capacity risk
  • Supply Chain Risk Management and Digitalization
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