2017 Annual Meeting

of the Decision Sciences Institute

Lean Manufacturing and Quality

Lean Manufacturing and Quality – Submissions to the lean production and quality track should focus on demonstrating how pursuing lean and quality helps firms achieve superior operational, environmental, market and financial performance. Specially, the research should be based in data from sources including but not limited to case studies, primary survey or experimental data, secondary/archival data and simulation. The data could be from any industry including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, financial, and other service industries. The reported research should apply advanced lean and quality frameworks, and provide insights helpful to make strategic and operational decisions.

Topics include but are not limited to:     
Efficiency and quality tradeoff
Competitive intensity, and its impact on product quality and other measures of firm performance
Operational causes of product quality failures
Quality systems, organizational complexity and performance
Spillover effects on lean on non operational measures of performance

Keywords include but are not limited to:
Just in Time
Six Sigma
Operations Strategy
Operational, Market, Financial, and Environmental Performance
Cross sectional, experimental, panel data
Scale development
Empirical methods
Structural Equation Modeling


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