2017 Annual Meeting

of the Decision Sciences Institute

Instructional Innovation Award Competition

2017 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute

This competition identifies and recognizes outstanding pedagogical innovations in the classroom. New, innovative, and effective ways to illustrate key concepts are often what make for a memorable and enhanced learning experience.



To be eligible for consideration, a submission must meet the following criteria:

  1. The submission must outline a teaching innovation that has been used successfully in a class to highlight or clarify a key course concept. The submission should describe the teaching methodology in a way that interested readers will have sufficient information to replicate the pedagogy in their own classe
  2. The submission must not have been published in a peer-reviewed journal at the time of submission.
  3. Finalists must register for and attend the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute in order to be eligible to win. This is because the winner will be announced after live presentations by the finalists competing for the Instructional Innovation Award.


Submission Requirements:

Submissions should be formatted per the guidelines for a Teaching Brief in the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, with the exception that figures and tables should be embedded throughout the document in appropriate places rather than attached at the end.

Before submitting an instructional innovation, authors are encouraged to visit the DSJIE website to understand the formatting and general nature of teaching briefs: http://dsjie.org/


Submission Procedure:

Submission Procedure:

All submission files (author information, case, teaching notes, supplementary files, etc.) should be submitted via the conference submission system at the URL below…


All submissions must be received by May 30, 2017, to be eligible for the competition.

The finalists will be announced during September 2017. As previously noted, the winners will be determined immediately after their live competition presentations in

Washington, DC, during the 2017 DSI Annual Meeting (November 18-21, 2017).

  Pedro M. Reyes

Baylor University


  Mirjeta Beqiri

Gonzaga University





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