2017 Annual Meeting

of the Decision Sciences Institute

How to Submit an Award Competition Proposal

This type of submission can be submitted in the Conference Management System for only the following Awards:

The following Awards ARE NOT Submittable in the Conference Management System:

    • Step 1: Prepare your Award submission document for uploading into the Conference Management System or CMS by following the submission guidelines stated for each Award.  Visit the links above for more details.
    • Step 2: Log in to the CMS then go to the “Submit an Abstract, Paper or Proposal” link.
    • Step 3: Click on the “Submit an Abstract, Paper or Proposal” link
    • Step 4: Click on “Submit a New Abstract, Paper or Proposal”
    • Step 5: Select the “Awards and Workshops
    • Step 6: Select the track your paper would best fit.  (The image below represents Awards and Workshops.)  Click on “Information” to see the Track description)
    • Step 7:  Enter the Title for your Abstract submission and a 50-word description into the appropriate fields.  Keywords are optional.
    • Step 8
      • In the “Add/Search for Author by Last Name” text box, type in a search for the last name of any co-authors for your Full Paper submission
      • If an author is found in the CMS, click on the author and specify whether or not the individual will be a Non-Presenter or a Presenter by clicking on the appropriate link
      • If an author is not found in the CMS, create a new user account for the missing author.  Click on the “Add Unlisted Author” link at the bottom of the page.
      • you will need the following information about the missing author:  First and Last name, email address, affiliation, to create the new user account in the CMS.
      • An automated email message will be sent to the new user acount created stating their username and password
      • Click “Accept and Continue” when finished
    • Step 9:  Your Co-Author will be listed at the bottom of the listed authors.  Select if the co-author will be a Presenter, or Non-Presenter.  Click Accept and Continue when your author information looks correct.
    • Step 10:
      • Click on the “Upload a Proposal” link to upload the PDF version of your Award Paper submission document; be sure that you have followed the guidelines posted for the Award you are submitting for.
      • Click “Accept and Continue” when finished; a confirmation email for your submission will be sent to you
    • Step 11: 
      • Click on the “Browse. . .” button to browse your computer’s local file system to upload the PDF version of yourinitial Full Paper submission document.
      • Click “Upload and Continue”. . . a confirmation email for your submission will be sent to you.
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