2017 Annual Meeting

of the Decision Sciences Institute

How to Submit an Abstract

(This type of submission can be submitted to the Research or Education Tracks)

  • (NOTE: There are no word limits on your up-loadable abstract document.) 
    • Step 2: Log in to the CMS and click on the “Submit an Abstract, Paper or Proposal.”
    • Step 3: Click on the “Submit an Abstract, Paper or Proposal” link
    • Step 4: Click on “Submit a New Abstract, Paper or Proposal”
    • Step 5: Select the Track that best fits your intended Full Paper submission.  (Available in Research and Teaching Tracks only)
    • Step 6: Select the track your paper would best fit.  (The image below represents the teaching tracks.  Click on “Information” to see the Track description)
    • Step 7: Select Abstract for your submission type
    • Step 8:
      • Enter the Title for your Abstract submission and a 50-word description into the appropriate fields. (Please use grammer in all fields)
    • From the “Stage of Research” drop-down menu, select the most appropriate field describing the stage of your submission.
      • Concept Stage
      • Data Collection Stage
      • Analysis Stage
      • Completed Paper
    • Dropdown Catagories (Based on DSJ and DSJIE submission catagories)
      • Research Track Catagories:
      • Teaching Track Catagories:
    • Click on “Accept and Continue” when finished
    • Step 9
      • In the “Add/Search for Author by Last Name” text box, type in a search for the last name of any co-authors for your Full Paper submission
      • If an author is found in the CMS, click on the author and specify whether or not the individual will be a Non-Presenter or a Presenter by clicking on the appropriate link
      • If an author is not found in the CMS, create a new user account for the missing author.  Click on the “Add Unlisted Author” link at the bottom of the page.
      •  you will need the following information about the missing author:  First and Last name, email address, affiliation, to create the new user account in the CMS.
      • An automated email message will be sent to the new user acount created stating their username and password
      • Click “Accept and Continue” when finished
    • Step 12:  Your Co-Author will be listed at the bottom of the listed authors.  Select if the co-author will be a Presenter, or Non-Presenter.  Click Accept and Continue when your author information looks correct.
    • Step 13:
    • Step 14: 
      • Click on the “Browse. . .” button to browse your computer’s local file system to upload the PDF version of your submission document.
      • Click “Upload and Continue”. . . a confirmation email for your submission will be sent to you.
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