2017 Annual Meeting

of the Decision Sciences Institute

Creating Invited Sessions

Invited Sessions are sessions created by the track chair and are used to invite a Group of high quality people organized around important interesting topic. Could include panels, tutorials, symposia, innovative forms, etc.  Invited sessions can be in a Panel format, with Moderators and Panelists, or can be in a regular lecture format with a Session Chair and Presenters.

The tutorial below will walk the the process of creating an Invited Session.

  1.  Log into the Conference management system. Go to the Submission Management menu then Click on the “Create a Session” link.

Create-Session12.  Select “Invited Session”

3.  Create a title and add a 50 word abstract in the appropriate fields. Use proper capitalization and punctuation. These fields will be visible in the Proceedings, Program, and Hotel Marquee. Select 2 topics and one Method. Click Accept and Continue when done.

4.  Select any 2 Topics and Methods the click on “Accept and Continue”

a.  These fields will not be recorded, and will not be listed in the Program or Schedule

Create-Session35.    By default you will be selected as the session chair.  Later in this tutorial I will show you how to replace the session chair, or add a Moderator in you want to follow a Panel style format for the session.

First let’s look at adding Presenters in a standard Lecture style format.

To the right of “Step Two” click on “Add an Invited Paper.”  Adding an Invited Paper is the way you can add a presenters to the invited session.  Papers for invited sessions can be published or not, and will not be eligable for Best Papers Awards or the program proceedings. 

6.  Type in the Title and provide a short abstract for the paper.

7.  Search for the Author’s by their Last Name.  Search results will appear at the bottom of the page.  You have the option of adding the author as a presenter or a non-presenter.  Repeat this step as necessary if the paper has multiple authors.
8.  By default you will be selected as the session chair. Go to Step 4 and Search for the last name of the individual you want as the Session Chair or Moderator.

10.  Once you click on the “Add Session Chair” link to the right of the desired person, the user will be added to the session.  Be sure to click on the “Remove” link to exclude yourself as session chair.  Move your Session chairs to the top of the participant list by click on the “Up” link to the right.  This order needs to be uniform across all tracks for formatting purposes in the program.

11.  Presenters and Non-Presenters are added to the session participant list when you added the invited paper.  If you are using a Panel type session format you can use “step 4” for adding additional presenters or panelists to the session who are not associated with an invited paper. 

12.  Type the last name of the addition participant in the search field and click on The “Search by Last Name” button to search the entire DSI database of users. The Add Unlisted participant link is available to add a person that doesn’t exist in the system.


13.  Add the required information and don’t forget to include the Company Name.  The Company Name field will be displayed next to the presenters name in the Program.


13.  Uploading a Proposal to invited session is not necessary.  Click Accept and Continue to save and finalize your session.


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