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Presenting Business Analytic Results to Senior Managers

Presenting Business Analytic Results to Senior Managers – One of the major challenges faced by an analytics team or specialist in the industry or in the academics is to be able to frame, present, contextualize, and communicate the results of their analysis to a very highly important audience – the C-suite members or the senior management of an organization. In this workshop, we describe and demonstrate effective ways of presenting and communication the results to this audience effectively. We offer effective methods, including but not limited to just visualization, and real examples of various situations where a particular way of presenting astronomically changes the overall effectiveness. We have gathered real examples over the years working with our client companies. Audience can take away our demonstration and apply in their own work to improve their presentation effectiveness right away.

Paradigms for Parity in Advancing Women Leadership in Supply Chain and Operations Management

Women are increasing entering operations and supply chain management (SC/OM). Yet the pace of advancement of promising women into leadership roles is too slow. This session develops multiple paradigms of the challenges and opportunities for the SC/OM field to bring gender equality into its upper echelons—Full Professor rank, Endowed Chair, Professional Society Fellows, Sr. Editorial Leadership, etc.–by 2025. Senior female and male academic scholars will discuss the issues and strategies for changing the dynamics. We will conclude with a challenging agenda that has the potential to make the 2025 goal a reality.

Behavioral Research and Experimentation in Operations Management

Behavioral Research and Experimentation in Operations Management – This workshop will discuss research in behavioral operations management (BOM) and the state of the field. We will discuss topics, questions and methods best suited to BOM. This year, we will have an extended discussion on techniques for conducting experiments. This includes practical principles of good experimental design and implementation.

Best Practices in Planning a US Regional DSI Conference

Each of the five regions in the United States Decision Sciences Institute holds an annual conference. This panel will bring together representatives from each of these regions to share ideas about best practices in planning and hosting a successful conference. Topics will include marketing strategies to maximize attendance, maximizing use of the local area through plant tours or other local speakers, pros and cons of holding a joint conference with other similar professional organizations, motivating your team of track chairs, optimizing communication with participants, and finding the best deals for hotels and catering. Panelists will share inside tips based on what they have learned from recent experience.

Make Plans Now!

DSI 2017 Annual Meeting November 18 – 20 in Washington, D.C.

Innovative Decision-Making: Research to Practice

Make plans now to attend the DSI 2017 Annual Meeting taking place November 18 – 20 at the historic Washington Hilton Hotel!  The theme this year is Innovative Decision-Making: Research to Practice. Our three-day format will be packed from morning to night with innovative sessions, informative workshops, merited recognition and, of course, lots of networking. Registration check-in will open on Friday, Nov. 17 and the conference will close with the President’s Reception and Award Dinner on Monday evening, Nov. 20.  Be sure your travel plans allow you to experience all the conference has to offer. Plus, you’re in WASHINGTON, DC! This powerful city offers unparalleled sightseeing and off-site excursions. Add a couple extra days to play “inside the beltway!”


Deadline for submissions is fast approaching. The full paper submission deadline is May 15 and abstracts, panel proposals, workshop proposals and Award Competitions are due by May 30. There will be no extensions.  Go to https://convention2.allacademic.com/one/dsi/dsi17

for detailed submission information.

Research Tracks welcome submissions focusing on developing new knowledge across all functional areas of business.  Papers in these tracks are ideally positioned for publication consideration by Decision Sciences Journal or other high impact business journals.  Panels in these tracks focus on identifying emerging research topics and methodologies.


  • Accounting
  • Business Analytics
  • Buyer/Supplier Relationships
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Decision Analytics in Public Management and Governmental Operations
  • Decision Models in Operations
  • Decision Making in Practice
  • Decision Models in Sourcing and Logistics
  • E-Commerce Technologies and Strategies
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Management
  • Humanitarian Operations
  • Information Security Information Systems and Technology
  • Innovation and New Product Development
  • Global Operations Management
  • Lean Manufacturing and Quality
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Managing Risk in Supply Chains
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • OM/SCM in Emerging Economies
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Project Management
  • Service Systems
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain and Revenue Management
  • Technology and Innovation

Education Tracks invite full papers, abstracts, and panel proposal submissions focusing on developing new knowledge pertinent to the design, delivery, and evaluation of business curricula. Papers in these tracks are ideally positioned for publication consideration by Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education or other business education journals. Panels for these tracks focus on identifying leading edge issues and topics.


  • Business Curriculum Development
  • Business Curriculum Assessment
  • Teaching Innovation
  • On-line Degree Programs and Execution
  • Data, Analytics and Statistics Instruction (DASI)

For more information on the conference and the submissions process, CLICK HERE.


See you in Washington, DC!

Buyer-Supplier Relationships

The Buyer-Supplier Relationships Track focuses on strategies and approaches to best manage the relationship with suppliers. Main themes within this track should deal with how to leverage the strengths of suppliers in a collaborative fashion in order to push competitive performance dimensions to new heights or limit the risk inherent in working with suppliers, as well as how to best develop, manage and utilize supply chain relationship structures, both at the strategic and operational levels. Topics of interest in this track include but are not limited to the following

  • relationship management
  • supply networks
  • strategic sourcing
  • supplier innovation
  • supplier risk.

Operations and Supply Chain Management in Emerging Economies

The Operations and Supply Chain Management in Emerging Economies track focuses on opportunities, challenges and issues of managing operations and supply chains in emerging economies as in Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC) and others developing countries. We welcome abstracts, papers, and proposals for panel discussions related to, but not limited to the following issues:


  • impacts of cultural, political, legal and institutional factors on operations / supply chain management
  • international comparison of operations / supply chain management practices and performance.
  • effects of power, trust and relationship commitment on supply chain integrations and collaborations
  •  cross national collaborations, learning, knowledge transfer, and innovations
  •  supply chain collaborations for sustainability involving companies in the emerging economies
  • cross border ecommerce supply chains involving emerging economies
  •  education and talent developments in operations / supply chain management
  • comparative studies about operations / supply chain management in developing and developed countries


This track also welcomes research topics about the interface of operations / supply chain management with other areas such as economics, marketing, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, international business, organizational behavior, general management, information system, and etc.


Decision Analytics in Public Management and Governmental Operations

The Decision Analytics in Public Management and Governmental Operations track focuses on applying the concepts and tools of decision analytics in public service operations (including health and social care, e.g., housing and social care for the elderly), sustainability and public administration issues and governmental operations (including military procurement).

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